| Audit Programmes Effectiveness


ISO 19011:2018 clearly states 'An organization needing to conduct audits should establish an audit programme that contributes to the determination of the effectiveness of the auditee's management system. The audit programme can include audits considering one or more management system standards, conducted either separately or in combination.

It further goes on to say: 'The audit programme should include information and resources necessary to organize and conduct its audits effectively and efficiently within the specified time frames and can also include the following:

  • Objectives for the audit programme and individual audits
  • Extent/number/types/duration/locations/schedule of the audits
  • Audit programme procedures
  • Audit criteria
  • Audit methods
  • Selection of audit teams
  • Necessary resources, including travel and accommodation
  • Processes for handling confidentiality, information security, health and safety, and other similar matters
The implementation of the audit programme should be monitored and measured to ensure its objectives have been achieved. The audit programme should be reviewed in order to identify possible improvements.

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