| How Will Supply Chain Reviews Be Conducted

How Will Supply Chain Reviews Be Conducted

ParkinsonHowe will work with, and under an organisation’s requirements (Security, Data Protection and Business Continuity) to deliver a project commensurate with business requirements. As part of any project, we will be responsible for Conducting the business continuity reviews of key suppliers and 3rd parties.

  • Scope a security review programme.
  • Liaise with suppliers and continuity representatives, scheduling any reviews insuring there is no delays
  • Evaluate whether suppliers are meeting their required contractual security requirements
  • Arrange re-reviews of 3rd party suppliers as necessary keeping costs to a minimum
  • Support the business to ensure that suppliers and 3rd parties have appropriate continuity checks performed
  • Feedback recommendations and continuity related issues
  • Create assessment reports of the supplier and 3rd party continuity capabilities
  • Recommend ways to remediate any identified issues and agree the work with all parties
  • Review the continuity mitigation work to make sure the work addresses the areas of concern
When requested we can provide annual programmes for supplier management, provide options that include Information Security audits.

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