| Imerja Secures ISO27001 Certification

Imerja Secures ISO27001 Certification

With a reputation for delivering high levels of assurance and compliance in service delivery Imerja set itself the goal of achieving ISO27001 certification to ensure it remained aligned to meeting the requirements of customer organisations.

As a specialist service provider in the IT security market, Imerja already worked closely to this and other compliance standards, but recognition through formal certification was a logical step to demonstrate to both customers and business partners the depth of understanding it has as an organisation towards information security and compliance. Working with business partner ParkinsonHowe, Imerja started an internal project in April of that year focused on achieving the standard across all functions within the business, including our network operations centres and hosting facilities. Imerja completed the external assessment process resulting in a recommendation for full ISO27001 certification in September 2010.

Achieving the goal in a very short timescale reflected the existing standard that Imerja operated at across all aspects of its business, and regular internal and external surveillance audits since certification continue to reconfirm the organisations adherence to the ISO standard.

Building on this platform Imerja was confirmed an approved N3 Supplier in 2011 and has delivers a range of high and highly compliant services to organisations including Business Impact Level 3 for major public sector customers.

Working with ParkinsonHowe Imerja continues to offer advisory services to guide customers through the ISO27001 accreditation process.

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