About My ISO 22301 Business Continuity Work

I am first and foremost an independent business continuity consultant. I help and assist companies establish continuity through my subject matter expert knowledge. I a Member of 'The Business Continuity Institute' since 2000 and was the BCI NorthWest of England Chair for 3 yars, giving my clients reassurance that I understand all aspects of business continuity from analysis to strategy to delivery.

"Rob Howe is always engaged in giving practical advise and guidance on implementing our business continuity plans, given the nature of our work this was no small challenge. The partnership has resulted in clear mechanisms which have been successfully tested, giving staff reassurance that impact of an emergency will be minimised and our business activities will recover quickly"

ISO 22301 Services

Continuity Scope

I need to decide on a suitable scope for business continuity, I do not know if every part of the orgnisation should be included or can I specify which parts to include. Let me sit down with you and go thriugh the options availble

Impact Analysis

What do I gain through an impact analysis? Can I just use what we have? What are these terma MAO, MTPD, RTO? IT have decided what we need to recover what do I gain?. Allowing you teams and departments to document what they require is all important, let me assist.

Continuity Strategy

What should an ISO 22301 business continuity strategy contain, how much time do we have before our customer seek another supplier?

Continuity Plan

Develop an ISO 22301 business continuity plans, write the business continuity plan and IT disaster recovery procedures and document manual workarounds

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Questions and Answers

ISO22301 Business Continuity Consultants
What is Business Continuity?

What is Business Continuity?

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Business Continuity Management (BCM) is defined as a holistic management process that identifies potential threats to an organization

What is an ISO 22301:2012 BCMS?

What is an ISO 22301 BCMS?

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Incidents can disrupt an organization at any time and applying ISO22301 will ensure that organizations can respond

How Long does it take to build a BCMS?

How Long does it take to build an ISO 22301 BCMS?

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To develop an ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) the documentation can take from...


Managing Director

As a small business looking to larger companies for more sales, the ISO 22301 business continuity assistance given has been of significant benefit"

Service Manager - Utility Company

Clear reporting and speed of delivery for ISO 22301 development"

Operations Director - Utility Company

Very impressed with the responsiveness to our needs. The ISO 22301 review was conducted in a very professional manner"

IT Training Officer

Focused ISO 22301 training and key information delivered in a professional way. We will certainly use ParkinsonHowe again"

Contact Information

I will only use your Details to make contact, once any work is completed I will destroy the information
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