| Security Implementation

Security Implementation

Base lining your ISO/IEC 27001:2013 project is all important. Undertaking a gap analysis is the essential next step.

Your assigned consultant will perform a thorough assessment of your existing security arrangements and compare them against those required by ISO27001. A security improvement programme and report will be delivered, identifying the work required to become compliant.

Security Scope Review
Companies often have problems defining their scope or choose a scope that it too ambitious with too short an implementation time.

ParkinsonHowe will provide and assist in the production of a workable ISO27001 scope. in order to meet the requirements for certification.

Security Policy
ParkinsonHowe have written and reviewed many security policies. We will review the corporate Security Policy to provide guidance to assure compliance with ISO27001 requirements

Security Gap Analysis
ParkinsonHowe will review the current Information Security controls in place and provide a Gap Analysis and recommendation report detailing the deviations in information systems controls compared to the ISO27001 standard, recommended corrective actions, management summary and detailed Appendices of Gaps in order to correct any shortfalls to meet certification requirements.

Document Creation
The Creation and documenting of Policies, Procedures and Work Instructions will be carried out during this stage
I will only use your Details to make contact, once any work is completed I will destroy the information