| Managing the Supply Chain

Managing the Supply Chain

One of he greatest challenges of companies today small or large is not necessarily cyber security, but rather the inability to move from one cloud provider to another.

Security, ease of working is one driver all cloud providers are using to tempt companies toward SaaS, IaaS, PaaS & DaaS, but how many of them realise that compatibility issues between cloud providers and their products are forcing companies to be tied into the product and service for ever and a day.

Should one of the cloud providers have a serious security issue, it will not only affect one customer but the potential to impact all customers.

Customers face the dilemma of datasets and core cloud infrastructure not being compatible should they decide to move cloud provider or take it back in house.

All companies considering moving to the cloud should carry out a full risk assessment that not only covers asset management and security but also the ability to validate datasets in case of operational or security issues.